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How much money should I bring? Cash or travellers checks? Are credit cards accepted?

During your safari, you will need very little spending money as all meals, drinks and activities are included in the cost of your safari.

Before or after your safari, in cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Nairobi or Arusha you may need to pay for lunches, dinners, and drinks when you are staying at hotels, as this will normally be on a bed and breakfast basis. Bills may be settled by cash, travellers checks, or by credit card (accepted at most lodges, camps and hotels).

Credit cards may be used in large towns and at restaurants and shops, with MasterCard and Visa being most accepted. However, the use of credit cards may be restricted in small towns and country areas.

Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are situated outside most banks in large cities in Africa, and international credit cards often can be used to withdraw currency. However, please do not rely on ATM machines for all your local currency needs and it is advisable to exchange some currency at Thomas Cook or other foreign exchange shops at airports.