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“In one word, “Life-changing.””

In one word, “Life-changing.”

Wow wow wow wow wow!

This truly was a trip of a lifetime. We got so lucky - for our week at Katavi and Mahale, we were with Kitty and Jose!!! It was complete coincidence, but we feel so lucky to have been able to travel with them. They were just phenomenal - it was a cherry on top of an already out-of-this-world trip.

I could go on and on about all our sightings (cheetah cubs, leopards, a pride of 16 lions, Ako fishing for carpenter ants, Ako’s 1 month old baby...) and the amazing food and accommodations (we had two candlelit dinners to ourselves at Namiri Plains and Mahale that were unbelievably special)... but most importantly, I think we got bit by the Africa bug. We want to go back so badly!

Thank you for arranging this unbelievable and meticulously organized trip. We will never forget it.

-- Katharina

Katharina & Sharp S
(Safari to Tanzania)
New York, NY, May 2018

“When I finally made it to the Makgadikgadi, the wide open sky, and never ending views were even more breathtaking then I had imagined”

It’s been a decade since I first heard about the Makadagadi salt pans in Botswana and I’ve been trying to get there ever since. When I finally made it there this week, the wide open sky, and never ending views were even more breathtaking then I had imagined. And the African tent chic of San Camp felt like my own desert oasis.

Melissa K.
(Safari to Botswana)
New York, NY, May 2018

“The Charmed Forest”

"The Charmed Forest"

by Mrinalini S.W

There is magic in the forests of Africa.
It dances in the fiery heavens, upon the setting sun;
It tiptoes around the delicate purple petals of the veronia,
Nimbly dodging bolts of lightning once the rain has begun.

It sings with frogs in the Linyanti river, near the flowers;
It illuminates thin blades of finger grass in the black night;
It climbs up the brush and scales the trees that tower
Over the Little Bee-Eater, hidden in plain sight.

I can still hear it now, for it sings to me:
It sings beautifully, mournfully, asking to be remembered
–As if I could ever forget its indelible melody–
Woven into the star-studded sky, for tonight and forever.

But, Africa, what are you saying,
In the crickets’ tune, 
The frogs’ symphony, 
The birds’ song?

Is it a lament? 
Is it an elegy?

For I often ask what went wrong–
How could men not believe in your magic?
How could they burn down your bush and carve your rhinos’ horn?
How could they take your innocents across the ocean
–for, in your sparkling eyes, 
I see, sometimes, the waters of the middle passage
that must have sparkled cruelly under the bright sun–
And how could they work them to their graves,
With their progress to be made and wars to be won?

Oh, when I think of those times,
–long gone but little forgotten–
And your song, 
–that will, for eternity, go on–
You amaze me, for what you sing is greater than what we
–indeed, what I– might sing had we been you:
We would dwell on old enemies and lost wishes,

Bitterly cursing the wicked past.
But you? You proudly sing of a better present,
Fervently praying that this peace will last.

And to those who still question your magic,
I have little to say but this:
Watch how these people’s smiles light up the sunrise;
Watch how their ancestors’ stories color the sunset.
What, in centuries past, protected their humanity?
And what, if not magic, can bring such bliss?

Mrinalini S.W.
(Safari to Botswana)
New York City and Delhi, April 2018

“You just marvel at God’s creation and how big this world is”

Dear Nicole, Thank you so much for this wonderful experience we just had at Savuti in Botswana.  We loved every minute of it. The rooms were great, the food delicious, the staff very caring and all that nature - the carpet of stars in the sky when you go for breakfast in the early hours of the day, the vastness of the plains, the sunsets, the animals - the shy and not-so shy ones - aah it was just amazing.  You just marvel at God’s creation and how big this world is.  

The places inspired our little (well not so little) one to write some poetry and enabled Hitendra to do some writing for his book.  

We are hooked and would like to do one every year and since they don’t come cheap, guess we have to work hard the rest of the year to enjoy this slice of heaven:)

Renu S
(Safari to Botswana)
New York City and Delhi, April 2018

“Another well executed trip”

Another well executed trip - this time to Peru. After a hassle and incident-free trip to Africa a couple of years ago, there was no hesitation on my part to go back to A2A to handle my travel plans for Lima, Machu Pichu and Cusco -- and I was not disappointed! Where to next?!

Gary L
(Safari to Peru)
Toronto, March 2018

“Exceeded our expectations”

Dear Nicole,

Our Tanzania Safari was perfectly planned and customized, and far exceeded our expectations. Fifteen minutes after being picked up at the airport by our guide in an open sided land cruiser we were photographing a cheetah family chowing down on a fresh kill 20 feet away – amazing. Our adventure was instantly underway. Each of the three camps we stayed at was uniquely awesome, yet equally hospitable, and beautifully sited, with great food. Camp staff were attentive and provided exceptional service. Our guides were outstanding, sharing their knowledge and experience of the local habitats and wildlife that made our trip most entertaining, informative and hakuna matata. Asante sana.

Leslie and Richard S
(Safari to Tanzania)
Chester, Connecticut, February 2018

“Still on cloud nine!”

Hi Nicole!

We are back from the honeymoon and still on cloud nine. Thank you so much for all of your hard work putting together such a perfect and seamless itinerary. Each experience was so unique and exactly the adventure we were looking for. Our favorite part was all of the amazing people we met along the way - they all could not have been nicer and more welcoming and we learned so much. We hope you had an amazing holiday and Happy New Year. 

Thank you again!

Ashley and Jordan R
(Safari to Rwanda, Tanzania)
Dallas, Texas, December 2017

“Thank you again for all your assistance, consideration, and overall awesomeness!”

Hi Nicole, 

Apologies for the delay, its been a busy couple of weeks back home!  We had an amazing time at Asilia Namiri Plains! Such an extraordinary experience from the hospitality to the game drives ( we also took a walking tour). 

On our final night in Tanzania we stayed at the Sea Cliff hotel (as recommended) and were upgraded to the presidential suite. We appreciate the recommendation!  Attached are some highlight reel photos from our trip.

Thank you again for all your assistance, consideration, and overall awesomeness!

Myra C. and group
(Safari to Tanzania)
Chicago, IL, November 2017

“Our trip exceeded every possible expectation!”

Just got back from a two week getaway to South Africa —Edwin and Lieze planned every thing and our trip exceeded every possible expectation! The trip consisted of two camps - Ngala Tented Camp and Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp— 3 days in each; followed by two days in Capetown and two days at Babylonstoren in the winelands about an hour out of Capetown.

The safari was wild! We saw lions, leopards, Elephants Rhinos, buffalo, giraffe, zebra —the list goes on and on. We even witnessed 15 female lions wake up from a nap and then stalk and take down two buffalo...it was incredible to witness! We even saw 8 elephants walk up to the pool at Ngala Tented Camp and quench their thirst while we videotaped eight of them lined up side by side with their trunks in the pool!

Our guides were incredibly experienced and had tons of information that made our safari adventures beyond educational.
We had a fabulous guide in Capetown and had great fun seeing the peninsula and loved the beauty of the Cape Of Good hope....(hold on to your bags those baboons are quite mischievous!)
Babylonstoren was a fabulous winery/farm/hotel/spa- whose cuisine included all their own delicious wines, fruits, and vegetables—you don’t get better farm to table meals! The beauty of Babylonstoren is hard to put into words....better to Google it and best to go see it first hand!

The logistics were expertly handled by A2A Safari. We were met and transported to all airports and destinations by friendly competent drivers/guides who made the various connections during our trip flawless. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best I give them 100!
A2A is a great company and took care of everything. It truly was a trip of a lifetime and I am forever grateful for Edwin and Lieze’s professionalism and expertise.  

Andrew and Helaine B
(Safari to South Africa)
New York, November 2017

“What a very special trip that truly is life changing. So much to learn from this beautiful country and many more to visit”

What a very special trip that truly is life changing. So much to learn from this beautiful country and many more to visit. Thankful to be with amazing friends and be amongst creatures that share Mother Earth - needs our TLC.

Sheila M
(Safari to Zimbabwe)
Weston, MA, October 2017

“As expected, we had a great time in Zimbabwe...thank you again for making the arrangements!”

Eric M and group
(Safari to Zimbabwe)
Los Angeles, CA, October 2017

“All of the arrangements worked like clockwork!”

We worked with Lieze Engelbrecht and our vacation was memorable.  We spent six incredible nights in Botswana at two different lodges/Safari camps.  The game observing, lodging accommodations, food, flights and skybed, made this trip special.  Our overnight trip to Zimbabwe was to see Victoria Falls, accommodation, transportation and a tour was very enjoyable. Although we realized that the week in Botswana would not be inexpensive, we did not have unlimited funds.  Lieze was great in explaining what was possible and helping us achieve our objectives within our budget and bringing it all together to create an incredible vacation.  We did not know what to expect, but everything was seamless.

Diane and David
(Safari to Botswana)
California, October 2017

“Thanks for all your help with our Honeymoon! We love Africa thanks to you. Xoxo”

Rachel and Alex
(Safari to Botswana, Namibia, South Africa)
San Francisco, CA, October 2017

“This was the most amazing trip of our lives!”

Myself and my wife had contemplated many options for our honeymoon. After a short and informative conversation with Lieze Engelbrecht (A2A Safaris) we were sold on the idea of Africa.

Prior to our trip, Lieze was quick to respond with great ideas for us to consider as we were customizing our trip and she did an excellent job of crafting an itinerary that matched our interests, time and budget.

Upon our arrival in Africa, there was not a detail that was missed for the entire two weeks of the experience. The airport transport, to the hotel selection, the service and the excursions were all top notch. Friends and family have asked us many times about our favorite part of the trip and our response has been that its an impossible question to answer because there were so many aspects of it that were amazing.

I highly recommend A2A Safaris to assist you in coordinating a trip and I highly recommend Wilderness Safari as an outfitter. Its clear that they not only care about your experience but also about the environment in which they operate, which is important. 

Thanks to Lieze, A2A and Wilderness Safaris for helping us make a memory that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. 

Jay and Bethany H
(Safari to Botswana Zambia, Botswana and South Africa)
Columbus, Ohio, June 2017

“Everything was perfectly organized. There was zero anxiety or fear of missing a flight or transfer. Very professional and friendly.”

From the moment Lieze answered my initial email I felt we made the right decision. She was very eager to help us plan the perfect trip and she did just that. After countless emails and always taking into consideration our input, she put together a trip that we will always remember fondly. Everything went without a single hiccup. Every flight, every transfer, every guide or driver, they were all perfect. We are very happy we picked A2A to help us plan our dream trip.

Edgar R
(Safari to Botswana Namibia & Cape Town)
New York, June 2017