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East African Landscapes

By Stuart Butler

Golden, sun-blessed grasslands spotted with flat-topped acacia trees might be the common image of East Africa, but this huge region contains an endlessly diverse array of landscapes that range from beaches of snowflake white sands to high altitude glaciers, lakes the breadth of oceans and humid rainforests haunted by the echoing yelps of chimpanzees.

The following images reveal something of East Africa’s extraordinary range of landscapes and wildlife habitats.

High in the sky

Ruaha vulture refuge

Against a backdrop of plummeting vulture numbers worldwide Ruaha National Park and southern Tanzania are lights in an otherwise gloomy tale.

Currently vultures are the fastest declining group of birds in the world. The IUCN Red List was updated in 2015 to indicate that of the eleven African species four are now listed as critically endangered and three as endangered.

Caught on Camera – East Africa’s animal home videos

Ruaha National Park is a beautiful stretch of wilderness, home to a large population of elephants, African wild dog and sable antelope and studded with baobab. It lies at the heart of a 150,000 square kilometer wildlife area that stretches from Selous in the east to Katavi N.P. in the west. At 20,226 square kilometers, it is a candidate for the largest national park in Africa, but it’s remoteness has kept it less congested than its more famous northern cousins.


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