South Africa

South Africa caught the imagination of the world with Nelson Mandela's release in 1991, followed by peaceful democratic elections in 1994, the country's successful hosting of the 2010 World Cup and most recently with Mandela's passing in 2013.

From the sub-tropical east coast, the dry bushveld and spectacular Drakensberg mountains to the temperate southern Cape, the country has an unequalled variety of landscapes. South Africa has a tremendous range of attractions over and above its wildlife resources. With road and air links to all other African countries, South Africa is an ideal starting point for international travellers.

South Africa blends the Africa of old, today's Africa and the New World. In parts of the country, visitors can escape to wild and remote parks and experience exceptional game viewing and true wilderness. Then, just an hour's flight away, the country boasts of modern cities and hotels that compete with the best in the world.

The country has an entirely unique floral kingdom in and around one of the world's most beautiful cities - Cape Town. There are more naturally occurring species of flowers around Cape Town than there are in the whole of North America or the whole of Europe! Besides its flora, Cape Town is celebrated for a host of other attributes - from the city's romantic setting in the shadow of Table Mountain, to its proximity to exciting marine safari adventures.

South Africa is blessed with lush tropical forests, open savannah, world-class wine growing regions and many diverse and fascinating World Heritage sites. The country is also home to some first-class national parks and game reserves, including the world's first trans-frontier national park - The Kgalagadi Trans-Frontier Park – the world famous Kruger National Park and a number of exclusive private game reserves of outstanding quality.

The travel slogan 'a world in one country' is very fitting – South Africa has something for everyone.


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