Cultural Interaction

The African continent is home to some of the most interesting and colourful warrior and semi-nomadic tribes, many of which have maintained ancient traditions and are willing to share their rich cultural heritage with visitors.

Kenya and Tanzania in particular - with its colourful tribes people - is a popular destination for visitors wishing to visit a local village and find out about the way of life and learn about traditional customs, which is often a juxtaposition of the very old with the very modern. Certain aspects of village life have changed very little in a hundred years or so, but it is not unusual to see tribesmen carrying a mobile phone.

To enhance the safari experience, many camps offer cultural visits and often the guides, trackers and waiters will come from the local village, and in the case of Kenya they may be dressed in traditional costume instead of the khaki drill style uniforms of safari guides elsewhere.

In Botswana, safari camps in the Kalahari and the Makgadikgadi Pans offer guests an opportunity to walk with San Bushman trackers and observe age-old tracking and hunting methods and other rituals.

In Namibia, guests can visit and spend time with the striking Himba people (semi-nomadic pastoralists of the Namib desert) in their settlements for an incredible cultural experience.

There can be few more rewarding experiences than visiting a local African school and meeting the teachers and students. To spend some time with a class answering their eager questions about where you come from and to find out more about their daily lives can be quite inspiring and humbling.

Guests who wish to help local communities can often find out ahead of their visit if there are any items they can pack that would be of particular use to the local school. If arranged in advance, a donation can be sent to camp prior to your arrival so that you can take genuinely needed supplies in person to the community during your visit.

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