Fly Camping

Only for the most adventurous who truly wish to get back to basics and closer to nature. A fly camp is the simplest of camps in a remote location and is usually combined with a walking safari.

The term 'Fly Camping' originates from the early days of safaris when hunters, wanting to travel light, would carry just the outer sheet of a tent, called the fly sheet, and rig it between a couple of trees to sleep underneath. Nowadays it might take the form of a simple dome tent or something as basic as a bed roll under a mosquito net. Typically camp staff will travel ahead to set up the Fly Camp so that by the time you arrive a fire is lit and a welcome drink is waiting for you.

Simple comforts include a canvas washbasin with hot water and fresh towels, and our Fly Camping safaris offer a hot bucket shower. Dinner will be prepared on the open fire and you will enjoy your food and wine under the open skies with the sounds of the bush all around you as dusk gathers. Then you retire to your bedroll and mosquito net and doze off under a thick blanket of stars.

Your armed guide and camp staff will always be close by - with someone on watch duty at night - so you don't have to fend off inquisitive lions and hyenas with your zoom lens!

In the morning, after a delicious bush breakfast, you will explore the surrounding area for animal tracks and your guide will help to interpret the noises you may have heard during the night.

This experience may not for everyone, but for those who are happy with simple accommodation and are willing to forgo a few luxuries for a night or two, it is often the highlight of their safari.

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