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March 29, 2016

Hitting the Game Drive Jackpot

Every month, our field guides write a Wildlife Report which details the previous few weeks’ animal sightings, as well as notable birds and plants, rainfall in the region and changes in the landscape. The most recent submission from Singita Pamushana»

March 18, 2016

Cocktail Recipe: The Spirit of Sweni

We recently brought you a recipe from Singita Sweni Lodge, inspired by the rich colour palette of its interior design. Today, we have a lighter take on the lodge’s signature cocktail that reflects the fresher, brighter aspects of this stunning»

March 16, 2016

Star Student: Letter of Thanks from a Singita Grumeti Fund Scholarship Recipient

One of the main objectives for Singita’s community development programmes is creating a generation of well educated children. This usually takes the form of supporting early childhood development, but another very important aspect of this goal is further education. The Singita Grumeti scholarship fund invests heavily in the education»



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