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Are the wild animals in Africa dangerous?

While viewing wildlife in true wilderness areas, the behaviour of wild animals can be unpredictable. However, all animals are frightened by the sight and smell of humans and will instinctively try to avoid them (unless cornered or provoked).

While on safari with us you will be accompanied by experienced, highly-trained licensed guides who are well trained and have an amazing understanding of the wildlife with which they share their lives on a daily basis. At night your guide will personally escort you to your tent or room.

There are no walls or electric fences around the camps we use and animals can and do sometimes wander through. Never venture outside your room or tent at night without your guide. Always consult your guide when in doubt. Keep your tent door or flaps closed and you will be perfectly safe.

You will be pleased to know that there has never been a guest injured or harmed in any way in a safari lodge, tented camp or camp site who has obeyed the rules. In particular, A to A Safaris maintains a 100 per cent safety record in this regard.