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How is the birding?

Birding is wonderful in Africa with over 2,500 species residing temporarily or permanently in the continent.  Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia offer some of the most diverse habitats, while Namibia and the rainforests of the Congo have a wealth of endemic bird species. The Rift Valley lakes of Nakuru, Elementaita and Bogoria in Kenya and Natron and Manyara in Tanzania are home to the some of the greatest concentrations of flamingos in the world.  Most of the continent is covered by a selection of excellent field guides (detailed information provided upon booking).

All of our partners are renowned for emphasizing more than just the 'big mammals' on safari, and all the guides we use are very familiar with birdlife in their particular areas, while some are bird experts in their own right.

The best months for birding are from November through to March, when many intra-African and European migrants are present, and when many birds are in breeding plumage. From the flightless ostrich to huge colonies of tiny bee-eaters, Africa is an ornithologist's paradise!